Science and Heritage Programme

About the programme

Recent recognition of science and heritage in the UK began in 2004 when London hosted the 6th European Commission conference on Sustaining Europe’s Cultural Heritage:  From Research to Policy.  The London Declaration on Sustaining Cultural Heritage Research  which concluded the conference contributed to a process by which the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee came to its decision to hold an Inquiry on Science and Heritage.  In 2006, its Report recommended:

  • a dedicated programme of funding for research in science and heritage to be established by the research councils,
  • the development of a heritage science strategy by the sector 
  • the appointment by DCMS of a Chief Scientific Adviser.  

In 2007 the 5-year Science and Heritage Programme supported by AHRC and EPSRC was launched. The Science and Heritage Programme is supporting 39 projects or 14% of the 282 projects that bid for funding.  This totals £6,866,771 of investment or 6.5% of over £105 million that was bid to the research councils.  These statistics demonstrate a level of competitiveness and research excellence in science and heritage research in the UK which promises to deliver strong impact on stakeholders, practitioners and SMEs.

Lore Troalen tapestry

Demonstrating the effect of light-fading on one of the Sheldon tapestries. Image (c) Lore Troalen