Science and Heritage Programme

Podcasts and videos from Programme projects

Heritage Smells!

Dr Matija Strlic, co-investigator of the Heritage Smells project. A book by any other name would smell as sweet. UCL Lunch-hour lectures on tour, The British Museum, June 21st 2012.

DART Project

Timelapse video of Mag survey at Quarry Field, Harnhill

I-HE(AR)^2 [I Hear Too] - Improving Heritage Experience Through Acoustic Reality and Audio Research

Podcast created as part of the I-HE(AR)^2 Research Cluster

Pioneer Podcast - Sounds of the past & future from EPSRC on Vimeo.

Experiencing our heritage by recreating authentic sounds of the past

- What would a ritual at Stonehenge have sounded like 4,000 years ago?

- Why would different acoustics have saved more lives during the Kings Cross Underground tragedy in 1987?

- What did Coventry Cathedral sound like before it was bombed in 1940?

- How is acoustics research changing the way we find out about our heritage?

- How can listening to the past improve our quality of life for the future?

These and other pioneering research projects are already changing the way we study the past. They are also helping to improve the way we live our lives in the future.

The work is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Touching the Untouchable: Increasing Access to Archaeological Artefacts by Virtual Handling

Dr Linda Hurcombe talks about her Science and Heritage Programme Research Cluster

Impact! York Minster Case Study

Dr Karen Wilson and Dr Kate Giles discuss the issues under investigation in the Science and Heritage Programme-funded 'Weathering and Decay of Historic Magnesian Limestone' CRS project.

BBC Radio 4 Programme Hearing the Past

Listen to Research Cluster PIs Dr Damian Murphy (I HE(AR)^2) and Dr Rupert Till (The Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory Research Network) discuss their research.

Tombs in Suffolk Studied with Aid of Space-Age Science

Dr Phillip Lindley discusses the Representing Re-Formation: Reconstructing Renaissance Monuments project in a recent BBC television interview.