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Consultation on the draft 2018 UCL Research Strategy

We strongly encourage members of the UCL community to consider the draft 2018 UCL Research Strategy, Framework for Delivery and Proposed Short-Term Priorities, and provide feedback by 11 April 2018.

The Strategy provides a vision for the nature of UCL’s research over the next ten years. It proposes a set of activities through which we can sustain and add value to the expertise of UCL researchers, thus helping UCL research to fulfil its potential.

For each of the 34 Objectives in the Strategy, the Framework for Delivery suggests what we need to do to achieve it, and proposes how we might do so.

Download the:

We wish to draw on the UCL community’s experience and insights. Please contribute your thoughts by completing our short survey. You can also contact us directly (ovpr@ucl.ac.uk). The survey is open until 11 April 2018.

2011 Research Strategy

The UCL Research Strategy sets out our vision for how we will support the delivery of world-class research at UCL.

We strongly believe in the importance of curiosity-driven research, rooted in academic excellence and supported through strong leadership. In order to nurture and celebrate a culture of expertise that delivers benefits to our society, we have developed the UCL Research Strategy which sets out our path.

The key themes of the UCL Research Strategy are:

  • Nurturing leadership grounded in excellence
  • Expanding the distinctive cross-disciplinarity of our research, collaboration and partnerships
  • Increasing the impact of our global university’s research, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

Download the UCL Research Strategy, Delivering a Culture of Wisdom (pdf)

The strategy is informed by UCL 2034, which sets out UCL’s aims and objectives across the breadth of the university’s work, including teaching, research and enterprise. Read more about UCL 2034.

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