SLASH and IOE Research Facilitation Office

What we do

Here is what we can offer you:

  • We can meet with you to discuss your research ideas, projects and/or plans and possible funders (you don't have to have a well-formed idea to get in touch - back of an envelope is fine!)
  • We can provide detailed constructive feedback on your case for support or equivalent and associated sections of the grant application form, and your impact plans
  • We can comment on your response to peer review comments (where the funder invites these)
  • We can participate in mock interview panels (for those schemes for which there is an interview stage)

We also do the following:

  • We coordinate the cross-UCL Collaborative Social Science Domain
  • Where a funder limits the number of bids that an HEI can make in response to a particular call in the arts, humanities or social sciences, we coordinate the internal sift process by which bids are selected
  • We send out periodic funding opportunities bulletins
  • We organise occasional grant-writing and related workshops

We DON'T do the costings - speak to your departmental research grants officer or departmental administrator for help with putting together your budget

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