SLASH and IOE Research Facilitation Office

SLASH and IOE Research Facilitation and Coordination Team

The SLASH and IOE Research Facilitation and Coordination team comprises Dr Henriette Bruun, Jacob Leveridge, Steve Morrison, and Michael Reade.

We support researchers from across the UCL Faculties of Laws, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical Sciences, and the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SLASH) and the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) to identify potential funding sources for their research and develop strong applications with the best possible chances of success.

We also coordinate large-scale strategic bids, the institutional response to some external funding calls, and the Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD).

If you are a SLASH or IOE academic and would like to meet up for a chat about your research ideas/plans and/or to explore potential funding sources for a research project, or would like feedback on a draft of a research grant application, please get in touch and one of us will be happy to get back to you!

If you are an academic based in BEAMS or SLMS, please contact our colleagues in the BEAMS or SLMS research facilitation and coordination teams.

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