Research integrity


Open Access

Open Access is the process of making research outputs, such as publications, freely available online.  UCL’s policy on Open Access is that all research outputs at UCL should be deposited into our institutional repository via the Research Publication Service (RPS) at the date of acceptance.  The date of acceptance is taken to be the point at which the publisher sends a notification that the publication has been accepted, following peer review.  Authors are responsible for ensuring that the publication is deposited with UCL Discovery within 3 months of this date; not only is this good practice that provides the opportunity for your publications to be more read and cited, but it is in-line with HEFCE’s expectation for Open Access for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise.

Information on UCL’s Open Access Policy can be found on UCL’s Open Access webpage which includes detailed guidance on how to deposit your manuscript into UCL Discovery, details of UCL’s OA funding and advice on how to meet the Open Access requirements of specific research funders.

Further information about UCL Discovery, UCL’s open access repository can be found on the About UCL Discovery webpage.