Nobel Laureates & Scholarship

There has been at least one Nobel Laureate who is or was a student or academic at UCL every decade since the establishment of the Nobel Prizes in 1901.

As befits London’s Global University, almost half of our 29 Nobel Laureates were born outside the UK, including in Belgium, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, Sweden and the USA. Indeed, we have more Nobel Laureates than were born in any single country other than France, Germany, the USA and the UK.

A further 11 UCL Honorary Graduates or Honorary Fellows have been awarded Nobel Prizes:

Our current academic community includes 56 Fellows of the Royal Society, 51 Fellows of the British Academy, 15 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering and 121 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

UCL Library Services hosts an online exhibition about nine of the university’s Fellows of the Royal Society.

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