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The UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain brings together researchers and practitioners across UCL and beyond, to explore the factors that determine health and disease in populations, and to develop, test, and measure the impact of interventions and service improvement to enhance the health and wellbeing of the public, and reduce inequalities in health status.



Events & Seminars

18 October, 2018English Longitudinal Study of Aging (ELSA) Wave 8 Report Launch
18 October, 2018Meeting the Global Health challenge with vaccines at 15 cents per dose
18 October, 2018Webinar: Key data - Longitudinal data
24 October, 2018Men’s health & women’s health or gender health – interrelatedness in the health of men and women
24 October, 2018Writing Effective Data Management Plans
25 October, 2018'Health for All': How relevant is the Alma-Ata Declaration 40 years on?
25 October, 2018FAIR Data Sharing
29 October, 2018Dementia and Technology: Mental Health Question Time
30 October, 2018Tricks of the Trade with Carey Jewitt: Developing your research identity
31 October, 2018Introduction to Economic Evaluation workshop
1 November, 2018Launch of the UCL IRDR Centre for Digital Public Health in Emergencies
5 November, 2018Advanced Stata: Programming and other techniques to make your life easier
8 November, 2018Creating Connections East
8 November, 2018Realising aspirations? Gender, ethnicity and job inequalities
8 November, 2018Urban Lab Films: The Experimental City
12 November, 2018How to find patient partners, and keep them involved
13 November, 2018Building relationships: how to work with patients and the public
13 November, 2018Intro to PPI: what can PPI do for you?
14 November, 2018UCL Environment Domain Health Workshop
19 November, 2018UCL BBSRC Executive Visit and Showcase
21 November, 2018Writing Effective Data Management Plans
23 November, 2018Demonstrating real world impact through your research
27 November, 2018Lunch Hour Lecture: What Can the ONS Longitudinal Study Tell Us about Time Travel and about the Force?
29 November, 2018People, pathways and policy: findings from the CLS Research Programme
30 November, 20182nd World AIDS Day at the Crick
6 December, 2018CLOSER collaborative conference about the UK’s longitudinal studies: challenges and solutions
9 April, 2019CBC Conference 2019 - Behaviour Change for Health: Digital and other Innovative Methods

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