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Terms of Reference

  • To promote communication, collaboration and cross-disciplinary working between UCL’s schools, as well as with RITS ISD, for researchers who use computational science, data science and digital technologies.
  • To facilitate major funding opportunities for research and infrastructure investment
  • To cultivate and train successive generations of researchers using eResearch approaches
  • To promote best practice (i.e. ethics, safety, PPI, principles) of fast changing approaches to data driven research
  • To provide academic direction to UCL’s research IT services enabling its strategy to support the principal needs of the community
  • To raise the external profile of UCL’s eResearch expertise and the impact of relevant research
  • To foster strategic leadership on a national level in digital technologies

The eResearch domain committee also fulfills the role of the Research Delivery subgroup, which reports to the Research Information and IT Services Group (RIISG), chaired by Prof David Price.  In this role we provide formal governance role for Research IT Service (RITS) at UCL. The relevant Terms of Reference regarding this role are: 

  • Provide guidance to the RITS team on strategic matters relating the planning, operation and/or delivery of RITS’ services
  • Report to and receive guidance from the Research Information and IT Services Governance Group (RIISG), which includes making recommendations regarding their prioritised list of capital projects as part of the annual planning cycle