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Steering Committee

The Steering Group for the UCL eResearch Domain serves the research community by promoting, coordinating and developing activities that enable new research activity, improve communications and facilitate career development. 

The Steering Group will generally promote and/or undertake any activities that it considers to be strategically important and in the best interests of the whole eResearch community at UCL whilst also being responsive to the needs of individuals and groups. 

The Steering Group reports directly to the UCL Vice-Provost (Research) and serves as an autonomous but not an executive body; i.e. its activities are not directed by senior management, and it does not direct the strategies or running of Centres, Departments or Institutes. It receives seed-funding from UCL but also raises funds from external sources for specific events and to advance initiatives from the UCL eResearch community.

Jonathan Tennyson (co-chair)

Massey Professor of Physics

Phil Luthert (co-chair) Professor of Pathology
Ann Blandford Professor of Human Computer Interaction, Director, Institute of Digital Health
Peter Coveney Professor of Physical Chemistry, Director of the Centre for Computational Science (CCS) and the Computational Life and Medical Sciences Network (CLMS) 
Ruth Gilbert Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Melissa Terras Professor of Digital Humanities, Director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities
Paul Longley Professor of Geographic Information, Director, Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC)  
Angelos Michaelides Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, 
Director of the Thomas Young Centre
Alison Park Professor and Director of CLOSER (Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources)
Alan Penn Professor in Architectural and Urban Computing, Dean of the Bartlett
Benjamin Joachimi  Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Simon Arridge  Professor of Image Processing
Director of Research IT Services (Clare Gryce) IDS
Director of Research Platforms (Jacky Pallas) OVPR
Strategic Research Coordinator   (Louise Chisholm) OVPR