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eResearch Domain is a community united by their use of computational science, data science or digital technology approaches in their research. The Domain will increase integration across UCL and provide opportunities to develop new projects, knowledge and expertise.

The applied eResearch areas include, but are not limited to: digital-information systems and policymaking; human–computer interaction; software-systems engineering; astrophysics and remote sensing; climate change and earth observation; finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics; optimisation, data analysis and molecular dynamics; epidemiology; high-energy physics; organic and pharmaceutical materials simulation; earth-materials simulation; nanoscience and defects simulation; surface science and catalysis simulation; humanities; mathematical sciences; health; biomedical informatics; computational biology; medical imaging; molecular quantum dynamics and electronic structure; and neuroscience.    

Working closely with UCL Research IT Services, the UCL eResearch Domain also informs planning of UCL’s capacity and capability in high-performance and data-intensive computing, research data storage and management services, research software engineering, and training and skills development across these areas.