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Our statement about the terms "social scientist" and "social science"

The Collaborative Social Science Domain does not have a tightly drawn definition of “social scientist” or "social science".  For the purposes of our funding scheme we allow Principal Investigators to self-define, and there is a place on the application form where researchers (PIs and CIs) are asked to provide information about their disciplinary and subject expertise. The requirement for a cross-disciplinary (social and non-social science) research team is central to the Social Science Plus pilot project scheme.

Applicants will need to ask themselves which of them is best placed to be the Principal Investigator for their application, bearing in mind that the PI must be able to indicate on the form that they can be defined as a social scientist.  There is scope in our scheme to have two Co-Investigators; one must be a non-social scientist but the other Co-Investigator can come from any discipline.

  • NB: UCL social scientists may be based in any department or faculty