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Social Science Plus+

Support for a social science led cross-disciplinary pilot project that will lay the basis for a major external funding application

1. Up to £10,000 is available to support an innovative, challenge-driven, cross-disciplinary pilot project

2. The project must lay the basis for a high quality and competitive major research application for external funding

3. Applications must be led by a Principal Investigator who is a UCL social scientist (based in any UCL dept. or faculty) in collaboration with a maximum of two UCL Co-Investigators. One of the Co-Investigators must be a UCL non-social scientist from across the disciplinary spectrum. There is scope for an additional UCL Co-Investigator to join the team; this researcher can come from any discipline. Read our statement about the terms "social scientist" and "social science"

4. Applicants must be at post-doctoral level (equivalent) or above

5. Principal Investigators must only submit one application as a Principal Investigator in this call. Principal Investigators may act as Co-Investigators in other applications

6. The project must lay the basis for high quality and competitive major research applications for external funding

7. An award can fund research assistance / research organisation activities

8. Costed activities must be paid for by 31 July 2018

9. Closing date: 9am, Wednesday, 10 January 2018