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Social Science Plus

Scheme outline
Our Social Science Plus funding scheme offers £10,000 to support an innovative, challenge-driven, cross-disciplinary pilot project that will lay the basis for a major external funding application. Applications must be led by a Principal Investigator who is a UCL social scientist (based in any UCL department or faculty) in collaboration with a UCL non-social scientist. Costed activities must be paid for by 31 July in the academic year for which an award is made.

  • Pilot Projects Funded in 2017-18

Digital Touch Emoticons: Development, Effectiveness and Usability
Digital Touch Emoticons will bring together experts on touch from social science, neuroscience and computer science with the aim to understand how affective touch can be digitally-mediated to enhance social communication and positive social feedback. The project will use methods from these three disciplines to generate a prototype design and explore how a device for digital touch communication could be best commercialized in the near future. Further Details

The Implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Victims of Gender-Based Domestic Violence and Abuse (G-IoT)
An increasing number of household devices are now “smart” in that they contain sensors, record activity, and share and store data – from teddy bears, door locks to smart TVs. However, little research exists on the gender-based implications such devices have in the context of the domestic household and, specifically, intimate controlling behaviour like gender-based violence and abuse. Further details

  • Pilot Project Funded in 2016-17

Can the Amazon Echo be used in the home to help those living with dementia?
This project explored the use of the Amazon Echo by those living with dementia; aiming to increase independence and wellbeing by providing simplified access to entertainment, diaries and knowledge, whilst also acting as a means for data collection for the monitoring of disease progression. Further details