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CSSD recognises the unique value of and enthusiastically supports high quality interdisciplinary research.  The status of interdisciplinary research and the challenges to its further development in the UK and elsewhere have been the subject of numerous recent studies.  We hope that you will find this collection of recent reports beneficial.
Cheryl Thomas

Laws, Vice Dean of Research / Professor of Judicial Studies, Laws, UCL

Recent Reports

Landscape Review of Interdisciplinary Research in the UK
Report to HEFCE and RCUK by Technopolis and the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex (September 2016)

Case Study Review of Interdisciplinary Research In Higher Education Institutions in England
A report for HEFCE by Technopolis (September 2016)

Crossing Paths: Interdisciplinary Institutions, Careers, Education and Applications A British Academy report (July 2016)

Interdisciplinarity Survey Report for the Global Research Council 2016
(May 2016)

A Review of the UK's Interdiciplinary Research using a Citation-based Approach
A HEFCE report to the UK HE funding bodies and MRC by Elsevier (July 2015)