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Steering Group

The Collaborative Social Science Research Domain's activities are overseen by a Steering Group composed of researchers from across UCL. The Steering Group is charied by Professor Alison Fuller, Pro Director (Research and Development), Professor of Vocational Education and Work, Institute of Education, UCL.

Name Position/Department
Professor Brian Balmer
Professor of Science Policy Studies, UCL Science and Technology Studies
Maths & Physical Sciences
Professor Andrew Barry
Professor of Human Geography. UCL Geography
Social and Historical Sciences

Professor David Coen

Professor of Public Policy, UCL Political Science       Social and Historical Sciences

Dr Nathan Davies

Co-chair, CSSD Early Career Network, Senior Research Fellow, Primary Care & Population Health, Institute of Epidemiology & Health Population Health Sciences
Professor Murray Fraser

Professor of Architecture and Global Culture, and Vice Dean Research, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture

Bartlett (Built Environment)
Professor Alison Fuller
CSSD Chair, Pro Director: Research and Development, Professor of Vocational Education and Work Institute of Education

Dr. Ann Griffin

Deputy Director UCL Medical School, Director Research Department of Medical Education, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medical Education  Medical Sciences
Professor Stephen Hart
Vice Dean Research: Arts & Humanities / Professor of Latin American Film, Literature and Culture, UCL School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)  Arts & Humanities
Professor Tony Kenyon
Vice Dean Research: Engineering Sciences / Professor of Nanoelectronic & Nanophotonic Materials, UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Engineering Sciences

Dr Laura Knight

Co-chair, CSSD Early Career Network /Research Associate, Medical Education, UCL Medical School
Medical Sciences

Professor Susanne Kuechler
Professor of Art and Anthropology, UCL Anthropology Social and Historical Sciences
Dr Fabiana Lorencatto

Research Lead, Centre for Behaviour Change / Research Associate Clinical, UCL Education & Health Psychology

Brain Sciences

Professor Francesca Medda

Director UCL Quantitative and Applied Spatial Economics Research Laboratory (QASER), Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Engineering Sciences
Dr Richard Mole

Deputy Director and Head of Research (Social Sciences) / Senior Lecturer in Political Sociology

Social and Historical Sciences

Professor Imran Rasul

Professor of Economics, UCL Economics, Co-director, ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP), Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

Social and Historical Sciences
Professor Ingrid Schoon

Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, Social Science

Institute of Education
Dr. Fiona Stevenson
Reader, UCL Primary Care & Population Health Population Health Sciences
Professor Cheryl Thomas
Vice Dean Research: Laws / Professor of Judicial Studies Laws
Jo Volley

Senior Lecturer / Deputy Director (Projects), UCL Slade School of Fine Art

Arts & Humanities