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Big Picture Group

CSSD's 'Big Picture Group' is composed of senior academics.  This group ensures that CSSD remains consistent with, and alert to, UCL's wider and evolving agendas and research priorities, and provides strategic advice to the more 'hands on' Steering Group. 

Department Faculty
Henriette Bruun Head of Research Faciliation SLASH&IOE, Office of the Vice- Provost (Research)
Becky Francis Director, UCL Institute of Education Institute of Education
Mary Fulbrook Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences / Professor of German History / Director European Institute Social and Historical Sciences
Alison Fuller CSSD Chair / IOE, Pro Director: Research and Development  Institute of Education
Graham Hart Dean of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences / Professor of Sexual Health and HIV Research  Population Health Sciences
Henrietta Moore Director, Instute of Global Prosperity
Richard Moorhead Professor of Law and Professional Ethics / Vice Dean (Research) Laws
Michael Reade
Coordinator, CSSD, Office of the Vice- Provost (Research)  -
Nick Tyler Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering / Co-Chair, Environment Domain, Co-Chair, Grand Challenge Human Wellbeing  Engineering Sciences
Alan Wilson
Professor of Urban Regional Systems / Chief Executive, Alan Turing Institute  Bartlett