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UCL's Collaborative Social Science Domain

What do we do?
UCL's Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD) supports social science researchers at UCL regardless of their departmental or faculty affiliations. We encourage methodological innovation and new cross disciplinary partnerships across institutional boundaries. Our Social Science Plus funding scheme supports pilot projects that will lay the basis for major external funding applications. We also manage internal selection processes in response to quota driven calls from funding organisations. Our Early Career Network and engagement/impact activities build capacity.

Who do we work with?
We want to hear from researchers with social science interests working in law, languages, medicine, engineering, the built environment, the natural sciences etc. as well as those working in the wide range of disciplinary fields in the social sciences. We are also interested in non-social scientists who wish to deepen their research activities by forming collaborations with UCL's rich range of social scientists.

Don't miss

  • Scroll through our Twitter feed for the latest funding opportunities, news and events
  • Race Against Dementia Fellowships for early career researchers.  Funds for up to £500,000 to cover costs.  Researchers from across the disciplinary spectrum may apply

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