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Cancer Events

23 January, 2019 - UCL Data Strategy Townhall

Time: 02:00:00 - 17:00:00

This townhall meeting is for all UCL researchers and professional service staff who would like to contribute to the development of UCL research data strategy. Our vision is for UCL to create an environment that enables researchers to flourish using data. Our definition of research data includes external data created in a non-research context which is used as the starting point for research and data generated during the research process. The data could be open, or contain commercial, sensitive or personal details. It is also possible to contribute online.

Location: B40 LT, Darwin Building, access via Malet Place, London, WC1E 6BT

Contact: Louise Chisholm

Email: eresearch@ucl.ac.uk


24 January, 2019 - CRUK-UCL Multidisciplinary Seminar Series

Time: 12:00:00 - 13:00:00

Cancer Research UK-UCL Centre and UCL Cancer Domain: Multidisciplinary Seminar Series. ‘Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in cancer research’ Dr Paul Barber, Principal Optical Research Associate. Professor Tony Ng, Professor of Molecular Oncology

Location: Courtyard Cafe, Paul O'Gorman Building, 72 Huntley Street, London, WC1E 6BT

Contact: Emily McLean

Email: ci.crukcentre@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 020 7679 6912

25 January, 2019 - CRUK Academia-Industry Networking Event: Using Big Data and AI to Detect Cancer

Time: 10:00:00 - 17:00:00

Looking for an industry collaborator? To help foster collaborations between academia and industry, the Early Detection Team at Cancer Research UK are hosting a series of networking events in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). The next event is Using AI and Big Data for the Early Detection of Cancer. The event will be held in the lead up to CRUK’s new seed funding Primer Award, which accepts applications for novel collaborations.

Location: , King's Cross, London, N1C 4AL

Contact: Lauren Kerr

Email: lauren.kerr@cancer.org.uk

Phone: Please email

12 February, 2019 - Cancer Research UK 5th biennial early diagnosis research conference

Time: -

The 2019 conference theme will be ‘10 years on: accelerating early diagnosis evidence into practice’ by bringing together researchers, clinicians, patients and policy makers to share and discuss the latest research findings, their implications on policy and practice, and the future needs and direction for early diagnosis. The call for abstracts and registration is now open, and we are excited to welcome you all to what we hope will be a thought-provoking and celebratory conference. Abstracts are invited from a variety of topics in translation and evidence across the diagnostic pathway. Deadline for abstract submissions: 5pm Monday 1 October.

Location: Hilton Birmingham Metropole, The NEC Birmingham Pendigo Way, Birmingham, B40 1PP

Contact: Cancer Research UK Conference organisers

Email: EDconference@cancer.org.uk

Phone: Please email

7 March, 2019 - Medicine at the Crick: Biological therapies in cancer – improving survival outcomes

Time: 14:00:00 - 19:00:00

The session will review the profound opportunities of CAR-T cell therapy, adoptive cellular immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitor therapy in the management of haematologic and metastatic solid tumours. These Immunotherapies, by leveraging the patient's immune system, are transforming clinical care, resulting in prolonged survival and even cancer cures in a previously palliative setting. This event will review recent breakthroughs in the field, challenges and opportunities in the translation of scientific findings into the clinic and the promise of leveraging adaptive cellular therapies to tackle cancer clonal evolution for patient benefit. Speakers include Professor Sergio Quezada and Professor Martin Pule from the UCL Cancer Institute. 'Medicine at the Crick' showcases major advances in biomedical science and raises awareness of the medical implications of major scientific advances.

Location: The Francis Crick Institute, 1 Midland Road , London , NW1 1AT

Contact: The Francis Crick Institute

Email: info@crick.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 3796 0000

10 March, 2019 - The challenges preventing cancer cure

Time: 08:30:00 - 17:00:00

Why is it so hard to turn fundamental scientific knowledge into effective cures and how can we do this better in the future? A British Association for Cancer Research Conference in association with the Royal Society of Medicine. Whilst there is general enthusiasm for recent developments in cancer medicine guided by analysis of an individual cancer patient's genomic alterations (“personalised medicine”) and for the use of immunotherapies for some cancers, there are major questions regarding the efficacy of novel therapies, their cost and whether they significantly impact on the survival of the majority of patients. This conference sets out to address these questions, with presentations both by advocates of current therapeutic approaches and those who consider that different or additional directions are necessary.Presentations will be made by clinician scientists, leading members of the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare analysts, and medicines agencies.

Location: The Francis Crick Institute, 1 Midland Road , London , NW1 1AT

Contact: The Francis Crick Institute

Email: info@crick.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 3796 0000

8 April, 2019 - 33rd Genes and Cancer Annual Meeting 2019 (8th - 11th April)

Time: -

‘Genes and Cancer’ is a broad-based research meeting focusing on basic and translational cancer research. The meeting is one of the UK and Europe’s best cancer research meetings and the meeting is now in its 33rd year. This year’s event is focused on four main research themes. They are: ‘Gene Regulation in Cancer’, ‘Ubiquitin Signalling and Inflammation’, ‘Tumour Metabolism’ and ‘Model Organisms in Cancer Research’. In addition to these 4 themes there will be a Keynote lecture and short talks will be chosen from submitted abstracts (including short talks for junior principal investigators and short talks for post-docs/students). A poster session also forms part of the programme which runs concurrently with a trade exhibition. The main aim of the meeting is to bring together young scientists with some of the world’s leaders in cancer research in an informal environment that maximizes interaction between speakers and delegates.

Location: Robinson College, , Cambridge,

Contact: Conference organisers

Email: genes&cancer@in-conference.org.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 131 336 4203