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Assessment Workshop - The Lifetime of Colour Photographs in Mixed Archival Collections

Start: Apr 04, 2011 04:00 PM

Location: London

Heritage Science Laboratory (Gordon House)
29 Gordon Street, London

Have you ever wondered about loss of information in archives caused by material decay? Or about what makes an archival photograph fit-for-purpose?

One of the questions the research project ‘Lifetime of Colour Photographs in Mixed Archival Collections’ aims to tackle is the way material degradation is linked to information content in photographic images. In particular, the point where photographs are no longer ‘fit for purpose’ is of interest.  To understand this better this question will be explored with various groups of stakeholders - curators and custodians to photographic collectors, scientists and the general public - in order to capture a variety of opinions.

The aim of the workshops is to define the point at which changes in information content is no longer considered to be acceptable for photographs in archives. The workshops will start with a brief introduction to the project and the exercise. The assessment exercise will consist of a classification exercise of photographs at different stages of degradation. This will be followed by a brief discussion on any issues arising from the exercise. Following the workshops and data analysis, a report on the results of the workshop will be circulated to all participants.

Workshops will last approximately one hour and are taking place on the following dates:

Monday 4th April 2011 - 4pm              
Monday 11th April 2011 - 4pm              
Friday 15th April 2011 - 4pm              
Thursday 5th May 2011 - 4pm              
Tuesday 10th May 2011 - 5pm              
Friday 13th May 2011 - 1pm          
Friday 13th May 2011 - 4pm

If none of these dates are appropriate, please contact Ann Fenech as further workshops are planned for the future.

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