UCL Grand Challenges



Our launch events, 6th-16th June 2017


In association with UCL Culture, the Grand Challenge of Transformative Technology is announcing itself to the world through a series of events looking at the interplay between technology, arts, and nature. All of these events, like the Grand Challenge, will explore the power of technology to radically reshape the world we live in. Find out more on the UCL Culture website.

Museum Soundtrack

Tuesday 6 to Friday 16 June

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Museum opening hours


Museums are usually quiet spaces, but at this event you will have musical accompaniment. A new music generation software programme will produce music in real time that will be a personalised soundtrack to enhance your viewing experience.

The Pod

Tuesday 6 June, 2-5pm

Grant Museum of Zoology


Step into our pod and meet a researcher who will discuss a new transformative technology using one or more items from UCL’s spectacular museum collections. The pod will be popping up across the two weeks of the event series.

Altered States 

Thursday 8 June

Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, SE17 1LB

Pre booking essential, book your tickets online

Altered States is a club night, but one where the crowd, the DJ, the lights and space will be transformed into a co-evolving, co-productive and filmic organism. Altered States is a hallucinatory machine of light, sound and movement, triggered by the DJ and operated by the crowd, by you.

Join us for a singular, experimental night on the fourth wall, somewhere between making and experiencing space, inside sound and light, outside of time.

Sensational Ways of Seeing: Visual Impairment Hackathon

Tuesday 13 June, 2-4pm

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology,


Join us as we bring together visually impaired groups and researchers to ‘hack’ technologies to to create more accessible, inclusive and empowering museum experiences.

Big Data Sing

Wednesday 14 June, 6.30-8.30pm

Grant Museum of Zoology

Pre-booking essential

The collection of large data sets, or ‘Big Data’, is revolutionising our ability to understand the world around us. We will explore the use, ethics and value of ‘Big Data’ through discussion and debate. During the event, we will debut a commissioned piece of choral music that uses song as a means of experiencing large data sets. 

Robot Tours

Thursday 15 June, 2-4pm

Grant Museum of Zoology

Pre-booking essential

Using a telepresence robot and 3D printed objects, visitors will be able to experience UCL’s Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology via remote access at UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology. Could these technologies offer solutions for people who find museums inaccessible due to motor disabilities or other impairments?