UCL Grand Challenges


UCL’s Global Citizenship Programme inspires students in the Grand Challenges

27 January 2017

Over 700 students – mostly undergraduates – took part in exciting summer courses in 2016 themed around the UCL Grand Challenges, as the programme continues to grow.

The Global Citizenship Programme is a set of six courses based around the Grand Challenges and four more vocational ‘Pathways’ courses. UCL students can take part in the two week programme for free, building their skills and attributes as global citizens. The programme provides a range of opportunities to help UCL students boost their studies, enhance their future and make an impact on the world.

Since the programme began in 2013, almost 2000 UCL students have taken part in the Global Citizenship Programme, learning more about the UCL Grand Challenges along the way.

Dewi Owen, an Infection and Immunity student, relished the chance to discover more about UCL's interdisciplinary work. He said, "I thoroughly enjoyed the Health in Future Cities (Global Health) Grand Challenge in my first year, especially the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of students from across the university. It really allowed me to broaden my perspective and look at problems in a different way."

Another student who took part in the Programme said that it, "helped develop my understanding of the interconnected nature of the world and the need for co-operation in an increasingly globalised world climate."

In 2016-17, the Global Citizenship Programme takes place from Tuesday 30th May to Friday 9th June. Registration will open on 3rd February and students can find out more on the Programme's website.