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November-December 2017: 1st Global Health Day conference, seasonal flu deaths, IGH NCD centre launch, Grand Challenges/French Embassy workshop call

October 2017: Lancet Lecture on sexual health, public health & climate change, SAPRIN launch, IfWH recruits Director

September 2017: Lancet lecture - Liliane Ploumen on global gag rule, Spotlight on Centre for Global Health Economics, Global Health Day

July-August 2017: UCL global health grant wins, IGH health economics PhD studentship, short courses & public policy small grants

June 2017: IGH presents on role of women in public health trials; UCL Global Citizenship Programme hears about infectious diseases; apply now to IGH Masters courses 

May 2017: New WHO chief makes universal health coverage a top priority; Optima TB team including IGH researcher visit South Africa to discuss preliminary project results

April 2017: Website for UCL Lancet Commission on Migration and Health; new GCGH funded research launches prototype prosthetic hands using haptic feedback

March 2017: News on penicillin allergies; report from UCL World TB Day Symposium; short course on cost effectiveness analysis for infectious diseases taking place at UCL

February 2017: Colombo Statement on migrant health; WHO launch network to halve maternal and newborn deaths; funding and research from the UCL Institute of Global Health

January 2017: Launch of new UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health; reaction to President Trump's damaging moves on abortion; spotlight on pneumonia

November - December 2016: Lancet Commission on Migration & Health launched; new MSc on Health Economics and Decision Science; events and available funding

October 2016: Department of Infection and Population Health joins the IGH; events and opportunities

September 2016: Launch of new global disability innovation hub; events, research and funding opportunities