Science and Heritage Programme

Conference Posters

X-ray Spectroscopic Characterisation of Artists’ Acrylic Emulsion Paint Films
Elizabeth Willneff (University of Manchester), Sven Schroeder (University of Manchester) and Bronwyn Ormsby (Tate)

Hearing the Past - The Role of Sound in Digital Heritage Research
Damian Murphy (University of York) and Jude Brereton (University of York)

Non-invasive methods for in situ assessing and monitoring of vulnerability of rock art monuments
Elizabeth Bemand, Haida Liang, Martin Benscik (Nottingham Trent University)

Culture & Trade through the Prism of Technical Art History – a study of Chinese Export Paintings
Haida Liang (Nottingham Trent University), Lucia Burgio (V&A Museum), Kate Bailey(V&A Museum), Andrei Lucian (Nottingham Trent University), Sonia Bellesia (V&A Museum), Chris Dilley (Nottingham Trent University), Chi Shing Cheung(Nottingham Trent University), Charlotte Brooks (Royal Horticultural Society)

Historic Dyes Analysis: Method Development and New Applications in Cultural Heritage
Lore G. Troalen (University of Edinburgh/National Museums Scotland) Jim Tate (National Museums Scotland) and Alison N. Hulme (University of Edinburgh)

An evaluation of in situ preservation potential and monitoring strategies at the sites of the Sweet Track, and Glastonbury Lake Village, in the Somerset Levels, UK.
Louise Jones (University of Reading), Martin Bell (University of Reading)

Sustainable Radiography for Cultural Materials in the 21st Century: Optimising Filmless Capture Techniques
Lucy Martin (University of Bradford),  Andrew S. Wilson (University of Bradford) , Sonia O’Connor (University of Bradford) , Robert C. Janaway (University of Bradford), David Crombie (National Museums Liverpool), Siobhan Watts (National Museums Liverpool)

An interdisciplinary approach to the scientific study of tapestry
Philippa Duffus (University of Manchester), Chris Carr (University of Leeds), Prasad Potluri (University of Manchester) and Constantina Vlachou Mogire (Historic Royal Palaces)

Advancing heritage science with ATR-FTIR microspectroscopic imaging
Satoko Tanimoto (Imperial College London), Sergei Kazarian (Imperial College London), Marika Spring (National Gallery) and Catherine Higgitt (British Museum)

DART - The dynamics of seeing beneath the soil
Dan Boddice (University of Birmingham); Rob Fry (University of Bradford); David Stott (University of Leeds); Anthony Beck (University of Leeds); Doreen Boyd (University of Nottingham); Anthony Cohn (University of Leeds); Chris Gaffney (University of Bradford); Nicole Metje (University of Birmingham); Armin Schmidt (Geodata WIZ Ltd.) and Keith Wilkinson (University of Winchester)

Pre-corroded electrical resistance sensors for use in the conservation of heritage iron: Inkjet printing in their manufacture

James Dracott (University of Manchester), Stuart Lyon (University of Manchester), David Watkinson (Cardiff University) and Melanie Rimmer (Cardiff University)

Reconstructing 16th Century Tombs Virtually
Nishad Karim, George Fraser and Phillip Lindley (University of Leicester)

Baroness Sharp with poster prize-winner Nishad Karim (University of Leicester)

Above: Baroness Sharp of Guildford, Chair of the Programme's Advisory Panel, presents poster competition winner Nishad Karim (University of Leicester) with her prize.

A corner of a foreign field: Identifying the dead from the Great War 1914-1918
Rob Janaway (University of Bradford); Emma Brown (University of Bradford) and Sarah Ashbridge (University of Bradford)

Emission profiles from polymeric materials: characterised by non-invasive methods of determination
Gemma Mitchell (University of Strathclyde) and Lorraine Gibson (University of Strathclyde)

Development of a colorimetric sensor for the determination of chemical hazards in heritage institutions
Ian Rushworth (University of Strathclyde), Nancy Odegaard (University of Arizona) and Lorraine Gibson (University of Strathclyde)

Flood and Wind Driven Rain Impact on Heritage Structures: Laboratory Simulation and Investigation

Victoria Stephenson (University College London) and Dina D'Ayala (University College London)